- May I have a request any draw or paint from you as commissions? 

No, I cannot take any requests. If you try to make any requests that relate to commissions, I will turn down your requests.

- Can I request to get discounts down? 

No, but you can get a coupons from me when on any  holidays and any  special events.

- When I go to your art fair events, will there any prices reduced by in-person sale? 

Depends when I decide to price on my artworks... 

- Can I put any of my favorite characters from any shows or movies to comments on your posts, reels or story in  any  social media then possibly you will drawing or painting later?

YES! That will be awesome idea and love to see your comments from you!

- Any questions? 

> Go to 'Contact' button, Fill out & write down your own questions then send it to direct me via email. I will respond back to you as soon as possible. 😉